Scientist by Education, Philosopher by DNA

I went to a small liberal arts college.  I studied both the humanities and the natural sciences.   Aside from soccer and a single semester of a cappella senior year, I was the opposite of the active participant.  I was the moth on the ceiling, the hawk in the sky.

Listening.  Observing.  From a distance.

And now, I write.

Life can be distilled into a rapidly morphing maze where the useful and mis-leading information is pointing, poking and pulling us in a plethora of directions and putting us in places and positions we did and didn’t envision.

We are all trying to travel somewhere – physically, physique-lly, financially, mentally, spiritually, emotionally.

Join me in exploring the ephemeral nature of society and while we wade through the milieu, the money, the muck and the magic, let’s re-engineer a more evolved and Zfficient world for future generations.

The time will come to speak.