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Sorry, I don’t have a product to sell you… only some ideas.

First video is kind of long and if you’re short for time, definitely make use of the speed adjustment settings.

Actually, do make use of the faster playing speeds so you can get up from behind your computer and get your butt moving.

Esa = Animal Feed.  Do this 2 hours a day, everyday, and you don’t need to worry about exercise.  …Or push a button on a concrete mixer and it will do the same job for you in 1 minute. =/  In the pursuit of our brains, we lose our bodies.  To build or not build the body. That is the question….  [  STOP EXERCISING – START WORKING]  Where is our culture taking us?

Dumbells are what they’re called: dumb.  Put gravity to use.

Part of the daily wwoofing routine.  After a while, it doesn’t smell so bad. If your immune system is good, you won’t get sick after swallowing a fly. (Keep your mouth closed)  Great for your core – think windshield wipers except you’re being productive with your energy expenditure.  Also great workout for your arms and shoulders.  Looking forward to the day when the word ‘workout’ is removed from Oxford and Merriam-Webster.

More and more people are going off the grid and creating their own little ecosystem of work/life balance.  What they’re actually doing is creating their own grid outside the grid.

A friend of mine spent 2 weeks on a German couple’s isolated farm harvesting olives outside of Granada, Spain.  He got into superb shape and enjoyed the benefits of labor.  This friend is even considering buying his own property in Portugal and becoming 100% self-sustainable.

Maybe there’s a way we can bring these larger farms into the city.

To the environmental designers out there: what if we could have farms like Kiyuna dispersed throughout cities?  If we made cities more walkable we could utilize the super innovative concept of running to these farms and working on them for our daily fitness.  :O

We won’t need self-driving cars if we won’t need cars.  Cool idea, Elon, but I think my idea makes more sense.

Some esa and cowshit for thought.


The Three-Foot World of the Emoting Machine. Think with the heart. Live hard, train harder, die easy. =」

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