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Ideally I do the routine in the morning but it doesn’t always happen in the morning.  Regardless, it will be done by the end of the day.

All exercises are performed in 1 straight set with minimal rest in between exercises.

2017-02-16 10.11.58
Phone time can be gorilla time.  Infecting others with gorilla syndrome

I was introduced to the Japanese term ‘kaizen‘ by a good friend and former coworker.  It was engraved on his MyIntent charm bracelet.  Think of this routine as climbing the stairs to progress – there’s no shortcut to the top.  There is no top.  Often people get too comfortable with their workout routine.  This routine incorporates daily discomfort, ensuring that I improve myself everyday.  ‘A journey of a thousand steps…’

(The word I chose for my complimentary MyIntent charm bracelet was ‘Mentality.’  I never had the chance to wear it.  It became a gift to a friend who had a fear of flying on planes – absolutely terrified.  The charm bracelet, along with a little coaching, enabled the friend to fly without fear.  There’s no stopping the friend now.)

Most people need a good cup of coffee to get the juices flowing.  Do this routine in the morning and you will be primed for tackling your inbox with fervor.

I used to believe I needed to take a rest day when I worked out a certain muscle group.  Then I thought about all the manual laborers all around the world doing the same repetitive motion in making their living.  They are working 5-6 days a week.  And some of them are jacked.  There is no day off.  The body will adapt.

Feet adapting to a couple hours of basketball in running shoes – Taipei, Taiwan
2016-05-30 13.51.04
Some arrows to go with his bows? – Mumbai, India
Workout vs work – which is more efficient?  Which is better for the world?

I may not become Superman by doing my daily routine, but at least I can feel like him.  It’s the feeling that counts.  Focus on how you feel, not how you look.

Before you decide to travel in Asia, you might want to get comfortable squatting.  It’s essential.  You don’t want to be the foreigner that needs to have a chair.

This routine will have to do for now until I can engineer a lifestyle that produces less energy waste.  Here’s to the old man in China twirling like a pinwheel every morning on a pull-up bar.  And here’s to one day not having to workout.

Workout = I pay someone so I can be healthy.

Work = I get paid to be healthy.

Today I shoot for 110.

Take care of your mind.



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