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Featured Image is from friend Cindy Robertson’s Instagram.

Check out her work:

If you’ve read my post on fasting or about the dying breed of actors, you’ll know why I don’t like to take pictures, of food especially.

Here’s an exception:

In my rendition of bachelor cooking, no two meals I cook are alike.  I cook a lot.  Different ingredients, different amounts, but always the same philosophy: as quick as possible without destroying nutrients.  Mostly veggies, good amount of fat, moderate protein.

Paw Paw taught me a lot in the kitchen.  She has really sharp knives.  With her sharpening stone, she is like the medieval blacksmith forging the sword for battle.

Cutting board tip:  To extend the life of your blade, use the forgotten edge to slide your chopped veggies from the cutting board into the sauté pan.  The half-second maneuver will save you blade-sharpening time in the future.  Each time you use the blade to rub up against your cutting board, you’re getting closer to the sharpening stone.

Stay curious about how to improve the process.

Have the child’s mind.


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