Dear Beauty, There’s a Beast.

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This post will make you question your beliefs.  Brace yourself.

Our image of a perfect body is largely controlled by the media that constantly bombards us from behind the screens we have shamelessly made our best friend.  It’s healthy to acknowledge that one is not perfect and to be realistic about one’s current and potential physical states.  Let’s not kid ourselves.  Change is inevitable but ‘you are what you repeatedly do.’ ‘If there’s something you’ve never had before, you have to be prepared to do something you’ve never done before.’  You are beautiful no doubt, Beauty, and yes, you are blessed with a beautiful soul.

I believe that with the right habits, one can look and age beautifully. I don’t believe in makeup because it simply is a band-aid solution to an underlying problem. The skin absorbs makeup which requires a woman to wear more makeup in the future: to cover up any kind of reaction from the previous application. I feel one of my purposes is to tell women they are beautiful the way they are and to save their money. I love Alessia Cara for her stand on not wearing makeup. My goal is to fade into death being as youthful and fit as I am now in my old age. There is no off day when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle.

There is a huge lack of focus with how we feel combined with an excessive obsession on how we look.  I used to be really vain when I was younger, spending a little too much time in front of the mirror – it didn’t help that my Mom, Aunts and Paw Paw said I was a ‘lang jai.’  In college I realized feeling good was more important than looking good. Exercise made me feel great.  Looking great was just the byproduct.

I made a decision when I was in high school: I told myself I was never going to be fat. That has limited my choices in the short term – fewer nights going out with friends to eat and drink, ditching processed food and sugar – but in the long term it will pay off – maybe I’ll live longer because of the lifestyle I’ve chosen. Maybe I won’t, but at least I could say I was disciplined.

We all want to be our best self. The conundrum is walking the maze of marketing and consumer culture and discovering what we truly need in life to make us the beautiful people that we are.

I hope you take this with a grain of salt. It is just one man’s opinion; there’s a big world.

I’m happy to share with you my lifestyle to help you achieve your improvements in health and wellness. It’s simply a matter of habit.

What we lack is education.  Our skin is a manifestation of the body within.  When I eat fried foods or wheat I develop pimples on my face or papules on my arms.  Going on a cleanse does not give us the right to eat junk food – why would we tarnish our machinery just because of YOLO?

It’s a perfect storm, if you ask me, that keeps the engine grinding out the bills for businesses.  You have shitty food that people consume without the clue that it is shit food. Ignorance is business.  Sugar, wheat, dairy – all these things are not healthy and cause food cravings bringing you back for more.  McDonalds, Papa Johns, Taco Bell, Cheesecake Factory, California Pizza Kitchen, Chipotle, Brio’s, Panera Bread.  Every socioeconomic stratum has their own set of food establishments to slowly, with the tool of addiction, milk the respective consumer of their hard earned dollars.  Then on the flip side, you market to them that they need to hit the gym to burn off all the shit food that they ate for dinner the night before.  Do you see the manipulation here?  We become addicted to the shit foods and to the notion that exercise in gyms (that is draining the world of tons of energy) will balance the individual out.  *I can afford to eat 4 Dunkin’ Donuts since I’m going to run 4 miles after work*  Toss the makeup industry into the mix and you’ve got a Beast staring down the Beauty.  It’s no wonder there are young women suffering from eating disorders.

I feel as if the Capital from The Hunger Games is real.  Some of us are living in a completely fake world while the rest of the world is struggling and fighting to the death.

Makeup is not good for the gene pool.  Think about it.  A woman wears makeup and attracts a man.  Marriage.  They have a baby girl.  The baby girl grows up wondering why she is not as beautiful as Mom.  The cycle repeats, makeup industry grows even more, and non-desirable traits end up in the gene pool.  Macklemore knows what’s up (0:36).

Plastic surgery for cosmetic purposes? … Let’s not go there.

When will people be happy with who they are?  We all have non-desirable traits, whether they be physical or emotional.  Own them.  And focus on your desirable traits.

YOLO. Exactly.  You Only Live Once so protect what you got.  Don’t kill yourself with what you put into or on your body.

The Beast ain’t got nothing on you, Beauty.


The Three-Foot World of the Emoting Machine. Think with the heart. Live hard, train harder, die easy. =」

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    It’s great! I think now day many young people need to hear this! Specialty in Taiwan, many young girl falling into the lies, trying so hard to change their true beauty in nature. It’s silly…

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