Ice run

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6 degrees Fahrenheit at 6:30am.  Chilling.  The life of a thermostat can be quite cumbersome.  Hot one hour then freezing cold the next.  Weather, can you leave my HG alone?

Yesterday afternoon and into the early night it snowed meaning whatever accumulation surviving the car tires and snow boots was bound to be frozen solid.  It will be an interesting run into work.  According to last night’s planning, this is a Bulletproof coffee only morning – no solid food.  (Imbibe the resilience-builder and then plunge into the frosty morning).  That’ll be fine since it will be a slow jog anyway.  Coffee and butter sloshing around in my belly isn’t too uncomfortable.

Shoe bag – check.  Gloves – check.  Soccer socks for sure.  Beanie – for sure – except not the North Face one, just the spare one because I’ll sweat from the run.  Training Mask – check.  Cell, keys, wallet – check, check, check.  Package for the Kushner’s – check.  Need to find USPS or UPS to mail it today on lunch break.


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