LCT – Listening Comprehension Training

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I realized thus far I have put a lot of content out there in YouTube format.  This technique should help if you put in the time.  Next month you’ll be able to watch all 10 videos from one post in one sitting.  =]

The pitch: In an ever increasing world of complexity we must find ways to circumvent the traditional, time-consuming methods of communication, learning and experiencing in general.  There are methods for speed reading, speed dating (a special for foreigners! – too bad I’ll be gone) even speed eating (maybe food just tastes really good nowadays).

Listening skills are essential.  Can you listen as well as you talk?  There is a lot of content out there in video format – TEDTalks, Bulletproof Podcasts, your favorite anime series.

What about a method for the rate at which we consume audio information?

The close:  For speed listening, maybe it is a requirement one is a highly sensitive person – it is definitely a plus.  Or maybe the skill can be trained.  Like a former manager once asked me in both mockery and jest, ‘everything can be trained, right?’

This listening technique will both save you time and cost you nothing.  A freebie (aside from the time it cost you to read this post).  You’ll be flying through content faster than you could imagine.

Remember, baby steps (like climbing up the stairs – you can’t get to 100 push-ups without hitting all the numbers before it) but push yourself into that complexity ring.  This takes time.

習うより慣れる – narau yori nareru – to get used to something rather than learning it



The gratitude:  Big shout-out to the former Bulletproof co-worker who taught me this technique when we were busy studying Bulletproof podcasts in my apartment.  Thank you! *Standing on your giant shoulders

The suggestions:

  • Enjoy your music the way it is.
  • Expect the speed of your everyday dialogue with people to remain the same; people will not magically speak this fast (but you’ll be ready). ***unless… a significant amount of people decide to master this technique, forcing us to learn how to speak faster (as unlikely as it is likely).

‘If you do what is easy, your life will be hard – complain, pour out your circumstances, give up your power, blame the government, blame the economy.  If you do what is easy, your life will be hard.  But if you do what is hard, your life will be easy.’

-Les Brown

Time to get uncomfortable.  *Rolls up sleeves


Food for thought:

  1. Whatever happens to all the fish protein from the fish used to make fish oil?
  2. Does fish oil fall under the guidelines of ‘eating a whole foods’ diet?
  3. Do Blue Zoners take supplements?  If not, why not?



Farm staffer caught a hari senbon, 針千本, or 1,000 needle fish.  We made soup, not fish oil.

The Three-Foot World of the Emoting Machine. Think with the heart. Live hard, train harder, die easy. =」

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