Okinawa: a WWOOFER’s Perspective

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This post is dedicated to good friend Ľubomír Šaradín from Slovakia (and lives in Czech Republic =」).  He created this awesome video summarizing his WWOOF-ing adventures on Kiyuna Farm.

Need a fast-learner, hardworker? Ľubo is your man
A friend once taught me while hiking: eat when you can. For farmers: sleep when you can.
Taste the rainbow
What you’re supposed to do after giving birth
The stringed instrument you hear in the music of Ľubo’s video is called a san-shin or ‘three-string.’  Otou-san would practice the san-shin in the empty silo (amazing acoustics, venue for ‘Silo Sounds'1)
WWOOFers are part of the family on Kiyuna Farm
Foreign friends =」
Camera countdown-timer ftw
Chillin’ under a waterfall, literally. #cold therapy



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