The 2 Minute Drill Outside of Football

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Being efficient is a focus of mine.  I try to save time all the time.

While cooking, the ‘clean as you go’ mantra helps relieve me of a big pile of dishes at the end – there’s no need to stand and watch vegetables sizzle unless you’re making a video for youtube.

I prefer sprints versus endurance running because running miles and miles can take a lot of time – been there, and done that.  (You might want to start sprinting so that when you have to race Usain Bolt one day you won’t be the dust in his wind.)

Back when I was playing computer games in middle school, I developed a habit of quick showers and express urination.  Express urination is timing the flush such that the flush finishes at the precise moment when you’ve stopped urinating.  Sometimes I would start the flush a little too early resulting in pre-mature filling of the toilet bowl.  Push your limits.

Time spent defecating for me is pretty fast – 2 minutes or less.  And I wonder if people know the things they should know to have super-fast poop sessions.  Imagine how much time in the year you would have if you didn’t have to spend 20-30 minutes on the John.

Here are a few things they don’t teach you in school:

  1. You shouldn’t have to bring the newspaper with you to the toilet.
  2. Your feces should be in one sausage-like link with smooth edges.
  3. Sitting traditionally on the pot closes off your colon.

I’m a minimalist.  I want to spend the minimal amount of time in the bathroom.  I don’t want to have to buy laxatives from the drugstore.  A lot of things are unnecessary, one of which is the squatty potty stool.  Instead, I squat with my feet on the seat of the toilet positioning myself so that there is no splash.  In public toilets, I’ll lift the seat up and squat with my shoes on the rim of the toilet.

The best toilets are not the Japanese electric ones that play music with bidets and blow dryers.  The best toilets are the porcelain holes in the ground found in Nepal, India and China, although many Westerners complain about having to squat over these holes.

I wonder how much of a factor sitting on the toilet plays in giving people colon cancer.  It looks to be a ‘developed country’ disease.  Colon and rectum cancer is the 2nd leading death causing cancer in the US.

Potential causes for colon and rectum cancer are:

  1.  Diet
  2.  Colon positioning during defecation
  3.  Bleached toilet paper

Ever wondered why there’s brown toilet paper on the shelves?

Can’t squat?  Time to re-learn what you could do as a child.

To defecating efficiency.


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