The Once Arable Edifice

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If you’ve read my posts, you’ll find it ironic how this music video features a gym.

How could I have been so blind and not mentioned bricks in my last post about how we’re losing jobs to innovation and arable land to buildings and stuff?

I worked in the Garden Department at Lowes for two weeks one summer.  One of my job duties was to organize all the bricks and cement blocks on the pallets.  Tons of bricks and blocks in this one Lowes.  Imagine all the stores nationwide with all of theirs.

Add the Home Depots and all the other kinds of home improvement centers across the world and you have a shit ton of blocks and bricks.

Both farms I worked on in Okinawa had pre-brick like clay as soil for fruits and vegetables.

2017-01-07 07.19.11
Under the plastic sheets surrounding these pineapple plants lies a deep red clay
2016-12-18 17.18.29
Potato plants and other vegtables
2016-12-18 17.18.34
Clay is arable, brick is not

Our brick houses, buildings, fireplaces and footpaths are the arable land we no longer have access to.  Shelter is great.  Shelter and food is even better.

A brick is a school, a home, an office.  A brick is also a ‘what-could-have-been’ – a carrot, daikon, corn, sweet potato, asparagus, lettuce, spinach, or pineapple.

We’re drowning slowly in a sea of brick buildings, another form of infertile soil.


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